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SIT Select 2013, Stroud
Aberystwyth University Gallery

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The Colour of Summer

Hand dyed & woven paper yarn; 530x300x30cm

Funded by Arts Council England

Seiko was invited to create a new work for The Stroud International Textiles, Spring Select 2013. ‘The Colour of Summer’ was especially created for the foyer space of The Museum In the Park, Stroud which is often busy with visitors for both the museum and cafe. The vivid colour of a yellow rape flower field against fresh green colours is my image of an English summer and I wanted create a sense of harmony between the space and my work. This work created movement amongst the air flow and the natural light made beautiful shadows appear depending on the time of a day. The view from inside and outside had a different face.

Later the work was shown at the ‘by a slender thread’ exhibition at Aberystwyth University Gallery.